Capabilities / Hospitality Development

Hospitality Development

Raines Hospitality has a proven track record of developing properties that exceed the expectations set by the brand and investors. RH has more than 20 years of development experience which has allowed them to build relationships with industry leaders and deliver quality products within budgetand on time.

Raines Hospitality also has a strong reputation for working with owners and their brand in every aspect of property development. From pre-development to the grand opening, RH is able to lead you through every phase of the process by providing a variety of hospitality development services. Each development package can be tailored to fit your specific needs and goals based on where you currently are in the development process.

Kristen Myers

Kristen Myers

VP of Development

843.799.2306 ext. 101

For more information, please contact Kristen Myers.

Land Procurement & Negotiation

  • Negotiate land contract and earnest money

Due Diligence

  • Will serve letters
  • Water, sewer, stormwater
  • Geotechnical
  • Surveying
  • DOT/traffic
  • Civil Engineering – Site Layout
  • Architecture – Schematics/Footprint
  • Planning/Zoning Approval

Brand Development and Franchise Coordination

  • Request Brand application
  • Compile all Star report data and financial pro forma
  • Order and review project feasibility study and appraisal
  • Submit completed Franchise Application
  • Develop, maintain, and update project budget
  • Oversee partnership docs & entity formation
  • Interview and evaluate bank commitments
  • Negotiate final bank commitment
  • Maintain all project books and accounting
  • Oversee all bank closing checklist items
  • Oversee and procure all insurance services
  • Oversee all equity goals are met
  • Oversee & Coordinate execution of all franchise documents


  • Civil design oversight
  • Architecture design oversight
  • General contractor selection
  • General contractor and architect VE design
  • Preliminary pricing review
  • Civil design permit process
  • Utility provider coordination


  • Daily coordination with General Contractor/Architect/Engineering
  • Review construction schedule
  • Review request for change orders
  • Review all pay request
  • Resolve design conflicts
  • Coordinate brand site visits and requirements
  • Coordinate all non-GC contractors
  • Coordinate final certificate of occupancy

Procurement and Operations

  • Coordinate all FF&E procurement and installation
  • Procure and oversee all 3rd party vendors & subcontractors
  • Hire all hotel management and operating staff
  • Coordinate all employee training
  • Coordinate all hotel Brand opening requirements and activities
  • Coordinate opening of the hotel with all licensing and state agencies