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Operations Management

Raines Hospitality operates as a fee-based manager for hotel owners and private equity funds, entities, and individuals. Led by Chrisie Raines, David Raines and Grey Raines, the company has more than 20 years of experience managing successful hotels across all major brands.

By offering a variety of hospitality management services, RH is able to work in full partnership with owners, investors, and associates to create the best possible experience for guests while maximizing the investments of partners.

Raines Hospitality, Inc. currently manages 17 hotels encompassing 1645 keys in 4 markets with over 500 associates. During the next 12 months, the company will be adding a minimum of 3 hotels to the management portfolio totaling 1750 keys in 2 new markets with approximately 500 associates.

Raines Hospitality has established an outstanding reputation in the hospitality management field through the work and dedication of its experienced management staff.

Brittney Edwards

Brittney Edwards

VP of Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management


For more information, please contact Brittney Edwards.

Sales and Marketing:

The Raines Hospitality sales and marketing team understands that in order to capture market share, they must understand the sales process as well as key market factors. Raines Hospitality's focus is on capturing new and existing business in order to meet top line revenue goals.

An important aspect of every RH sales and marketing strategy revolves heavily around cultivating long lasting professional relationships with our clients. Listening to and understanding the needs of local and national partners gives RH the opportunity to identify the property that will best suit RH and their travelers.


Raines Hospitality, Inc. has worked with properties of all specialties to increase revenues and decrease expenses. RH understands the importance of making smart financial decisions and implementing sound accounting practices.

Raines Hospitality's staff of accounting professionals provide a variety of accounting services, including monthly financial statement preparation, analysis of operating variances, sales tax reporting, payroll services, accounts receivable monitoring and accounts payable management. In addition, they provide day to day support to the operations team and guidance in the annual budgeting process.


The RH Operations team examines all new properties thoroughly. Financial information, Human Resources, staff training, housekeeping, maintenance, and much more are studied. Additionally, management performance, guest relations, and overall guest satisfaction are monitored. RH uses this data to construct a plan to improve property operations and maximize profitability while maintaining steadfast commitment to guest satisfaction and property quality.

Human Resources:

The Human Resources department has a penchant for finding top talent with which to staff our properties. RH prides itself on hiring quality individuals and investing in their personal and professional development. RH strongly believes in career advancement and is dedicated to those employees who are dedicated to RH properties.

Revenue Management:

Raines Hospitality is committed to maximizing profitability for each of their hotels through a strategic approach to Revenue Management. RH revenue strategy utilizes market data and business intelligence tools such as STR to constantly evaluate our performance versus the competition. With industry trends and guest expectations frequently changing, the Revenue Management team works closely with a dedicated Sales and Marketing team to keep up with these changes in order to reach target markets, while delivering the best experience possible for guests.

Raines Hospitality, Inc. understands that hotels are ever evolving and revenue strategy is more important now than ever. A dedicated Revenue Management team will work with hotels every step of the way to formulate budgets, rate strategy, and analyze revenue streams.

RH believes fully that Customer Satisfaction begins when the guest is shopping. Their goal is to match the guest with the right room at the right price. From there, the Operations team can deliver a seamless experience.